MIMDaroo Pharmaceutical Company

MIM Daroo Pharmaceutical Company was established in 2009 by the goal of creating a curative drug for migraine disease. After many years of rigorous research and large clinical trials at the only migraine clinic in the Middle East (Aramesh Multidisciplinary Pain Clinic of Tehran), MIM Daroo Pharmaceutical Company introduced the first curative medicine For migraine headaches in 2009. The original newly developed drug was in the form of inhalation and needed special processes to be used only at the clinics. 
mim3 شرکت دانش بنیان میم دارو - MIMdaroo at a glance

Our Vision

  • To transfer the legacy of deep-rooted natural medicine to the modern pharmaceutical R&D and manufacturing techniques for introducing NOVEL products
  • To help humanity get rid of common and widespread ailments such as migraine headaches, allergies, skin injuries, and kidney stones.

Our Mission

  • To be an R&D-oriented pharmaceutical company by applying the most up-to-date technology, techniques and quality
  • To introduce novel products to the world
  • To remove or mitigate pain and ailments using natural products

Our Values

  • To create a scientific, energetic, and entrepreneurial organization that contributes to the improvement of improve human health
  • To emphasize on innovation and continuous improvement both in the processes and products
  • To commit to the well-being of mankind, especially the patients
  • To act ethically and treat all with honesty and respect

Our Core Competency

  • Our R&D team comprises brilliant and distinguished researches with very rich backgrounds.
  • We own a multi-disciplinary clinic where the clinical trials on our novel products are carried out